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    • IREM Food Fest - October 9

      IREM Food Fest Logo

      Mark the date and plan to eat your way through this unique evening of networking and food at our first annual IREM Food Fest.  Our cook-off competition theme is "Anything-On-A-Stick."  Think of all the creative possibilities from teams that will be comprised of management companies and Friends of IREM.  


      Speaking of the Friends, because they "STICK" with us through all of our initiatives, we will celebrate them and our 20th Anniversary of the Friends of IREM Program with live music, drinks, food, prizes and fun. This fundraiser to support our chapter's educational mission, takes the place of our golf tournament. So, bring your appetite and please consider supporting IREM Houston.


      Stick-Out as a sponsor or sign up to cook up your "Anything-On-A-Stick" food item!  Details and registration can be found here.

      Download Event Rules here. 
      Follow our event page for updates on Facebook
      Follow our event boards for Pinspiration on Pinterest

    • Please Support LIghts Out Houston

      IREM Houston is please to once again sponsor, Lights Out Houston. LightsOut Houston is a grass-roots effort to reduce non-essential energy use by switching off the lights. This simple act would result in $3 MILLION in energy savings! The 6th annual LightsOut Houston event will be April 24th, when buildings around the city go dark. In 2013, LightsOut Houston engaged over 140 million square feet of commercial buildings to participate -- 

      Sign up now! pledge YOUR building using our online form.


    • April Luncheon features "Seven Steps to Effective Delegation"

      Thanks to IREM Member and Leadership Speaker Pius Leung, CPM, CCIM for sharing these tools for effective delegation with our audience: Click here for the handouts which consist of valuable self-assessment tools. For a copy of Pius's PowerPoint Presentation, click here. To explore the possibility of having Pius assist you with leadership training, or to sign up for his course, click here.

    • Happy New Year! Plan to Take an IREM Course in 2014

      Our entire packet of 2014 courses can be downloaded here or view the list here.

    • Special Delivery: Troops Packages Arrive

      Thanks to 25 volunteers and $10,000 in monetary and food donations, IREM Houston sent 2,496 pounds of holiday care packages to 200+ US Troops in Afghanistan. Although the news says the U.S. is pulling out in a few months, our armed forces are over there sleeping on the ground and eating powdered food. By the sound of these thank you notes, it sounds like our packages are helping:


      "My name is CW2 James Morter and I am one of 1LT Morgan Wood’s soldiers. I just wanted to personally write to you all and thank you for all the care packages you sent. Our Aviation Company is overwhelmed by your generosity. The snacks, movies, toiletries, and various other forms of entertainment will provide hours of enjoyment. I sincerely hope you all have a great Holiday Season and even better New Year." - In Liberty, James Morter

      "I just wanted to send a note of thanks for your support of my son and his fellow troops at FOB Shank in Afganaistan. He wrote me and let me know of your generosity with Christmas stockings and a box full of great stuff. His quote, 'It's pretty cool to see how much people really care about the troops over seas.' He and his buddies were touched and reiterated their commitment to fighting for the great people like you back home. Your gift of gratitude made many people happy and rest assured, that generosity will be payed forward. Merry Christmas to you all."

      "Thank you so much for the packages that you sent to my platoon! There are enough snacks and candy to get my entire platoon through the holiday season. What a thoughtful gift! From everyone in Alpha Company, I'd like to extend a sincere thank you. You've helped bring joy to Soldiers who won't be able to be with their families for Christmas (but will be sure to celebrate extra hard upon returning to the States). Thanks again for your support." - Unnamed Platoon Leader


      "Soldiers located at FOB Gamberi, Afghanistan from 4th Brigade, 10th Mountain Division, from Fort Polk, Louisiana, received tons of care packages today full of great snacks. (I'm eating some as I type). I thank you and the Soldiers thank you and your team for taking time out of your busy holiday to support the troops and send us some love, especially before Christmas. So many Soldiers are not fortunate enough to receive care packages, the ones that your team sent has made it a better holiday season for many and I know that they are all very much grateful." - SFC Andrea Williams


      "On behalf of 2nd Platoon Charlie Company 2nd Battalion 4th Infantry Regiment, thank you very much for all of the care packages. Everything was put to use and every thing was and still is being appreciated. All the little snacks and candy are great on patrol for both the soldiers and for the children we encounter during our travels. Once again thank you very much, just wanted to let you know that our platoon did indeed received the packages and have put them to good use."


      "Just wanted to send a quick thank you for the massive amounts of Christmas packages and goodies that your company sent to my Platoon out here at Camp Arifjan!  It means so much to them to receive goodies and adds a little Christmas cheer out here.  It was amazing how the packages just kept rolling in.. .."

    • IREM Houston 2013 Award Winners

      There are many dedicated volunteers within IREM Houston and several were so outstanding in 2013, they received special awards! On November 15, IREM Houston held a special awards luncheon at Relient Center to honor the recipients. The winners are listed below and photos of the award ceremony can be viewed by clicking here.


      Shooting Star Award Recipient:

      Robert Tyler with Brookfield Properties

      President’s Award for Outstanding Achievement, Recipient:  

      John Anderson with Weingarten Realty


      IREM Chair of the Year Award Recipient:

      Kim Peck, CPM® with BMS Management, Inc.


      Friend of the Year Award Recipient:

      Professional Janitorial Services – PJS of Houston

      IREM CPM Candidate of the Year Award Recipient:

      Lauren Crenshaw with PM Realty Group


      IREM Accredited Residential Manager® of the Year Award Recipient:

      Matthew Townley, ARM®, CPM® with Townley Realty Company, AMO®


      Certified Property Manager® of the Year Award Winner Recipient: 

      Janie Snider, CPM® with Griffin Partners


      Jeff Williford Award of Excellence Recipient:

      Victor Vacek, CPM® with Central Management, Inc., AMO®

    • Put Your Marketing Dollars to Work!

      Planning for our 2014 Calendar is underway, and we hope you'll consider supporting IREM members and our mission by supporting upcoming activities. 2014 Sponsorship Opportunities include the following:

      Luncheon Sponsorships (6 Available at $1,500 each)
      Anything-On-A-Stick Food Fest ($400 for a cooking team)
      Anything-On-A-Stick Food Fest (misc. sponsorships ranging from $500 - $2,500)
      Social Event Sponsorships ($1,500+)
      Course Breakfasts (15 Available at $300 each) 
      Bowl-A-Thon Lane & Team Sponsorship ($375)
      Seminar Sponsorship ($1,000+)
      Committee Meeting Lunches ($150)
      Door prizes throughout the year to incentivize attendance

      To commit early, please contact Jo D. Miller by clicking here or by calling 713-783-9225.


    • We Need Your Support!

      IREM Support the Troops

      We are holding our Annual IREM "Support the Troops" Drive through October. Items will be assembled into care packages and shipped overseas to arrive in time for the holidays. If you would like to donate store-bought items click here for the Donation Flyer and a list of needed supplies. If you want to have a collection or drive at your building, click here for the Donation Letter and drive details. We're also in need of a generous $1,200 Shipping Sponsor to help with the costs of sending our packages to 200 Troops. Call 713-783-9225 if you have questions or can donate. Want to contribute cash to the cause? Click here and enter the word Troops in the invoice number field. We greatly appreciate any amount of support!


    • Texas getting tougher on Metal Theft

      By Clark Graham, Locke Protective (Friend of IREM)
      Member, IREM Houston Legislative and Public Policy Committee


      Scrap-metal theft is an increasing issue for commercial real estate owners.  However, rather than just viewing metal theft as a petty nuisance or cost of doing business, it should be treated also as a public-safety issue. In a country facing staggering criminal activities such as ours, it is easy to ignore a non-violent crime such as metal theft and call it a misdemeanor. But, often the activities of scrap-metal thieves endanger the lives of the public. Removing manhole covers and dismantling guard rails are among the actions that can place members of the public at risk.

      These thefts also mean that overburdened taxpayers must pay a hefty price for replacing these items. Thieves primarily target the copper tubing inside of commercial air conditioning units. A typical commercial air conditioning unit has nearly 40 pounds of copper inside, which is worth roughly $100 at the scrap metal yards.  However, when copper thieves rip out entire air conditioning units or damage the air conditioning system or even a roof, it can result in thousands of dollars in damages. This can be a devastating loss, even to companies with insurance.

      Another popular sources of scrap metal is the valuable copper that comes from communication lines. Thieves will throw a rope over the lines and drive away in a car with the other end of the rope in order to pull down miles of wire at a time, thus enabling them to access the valuable copper inside.

      Some other sources of scrap metal, many of them common objects, are much easier to obtain. “It may seem kind of strange, but people steal air conditioning units, grocery carts, metal markers in cemeteries, and other historical markers. People try to turn them into scrap,” said Tom Davies with Rose Metal Processing in Houston.  State Representative Bill Callegari, R-Katy, who also represents a portion of Cypress, said the rash of metal thefts have become a real problem for the industry.  “In many cases when thefts happen they’ll do as much as $10,000–$90,000 worth of damage,” he said. “We needed this resolution to pass so law enforcement can get a better handle on those people who are doing the thefts and causing the damage.” He added, “In 2011, it was reported more than $2 million in metal loss, and that’s a snapshot of how severe this problem is. That doesn’t include the money lost due to damages from metal theft.”

      With the passing of HB555 that takes effect September 1, 2013 the State of Texas is making progress toward reducing the incentive for scrap yards to purchase stolen metal and ultimately we will begin to see a reduction in metal thefts in the state. HB 555 will increase the penalty for violating registration requirements of a recycling entity from a general misdemeanor to a Class A misdemeanor. This bill will make violation of the metal recycling entities chapter of the Occupations Code (1956) a Class C misdemeanor. It is one step to improving legislation that will make it less attractive to steal metal and sell it at scrap yards. For further information about HB555, click here

    • September is Ethics Awareness Month!

      Being a part of the IREM community means commitment to ethics – and specifically the IREM Code of Professional Ethics.  Ethics is part of our rich legacy and has been a cornerstone since the very beginning.  As we celebrate our 80th anniversary this year, we are “kicking it up” a bit and making sure that our members, our residents and tenants, our clients, and our employers know that IREM Members don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk!  That’s what makes us unique! 

    • Support Our Troops Drive 2013

      Supporting Our Troops

      Help us send the U.S. Troops needed items for the Holidays.

      IREM’s Community Involvement Committee is holding the Annual Support the Troops Drive starting on September 11th. Items are collected for the troops and shipped overseas to arrive in time for the holidays. If you would like your building or office to be part of this wonderful program, click here for the Donation Flyer and click here for the Donation Letter and drive details.

    • Nominations for 2014 Leadership Team Announced

      IREM Nominations

      The Institute of Real Estate Management, Houston Chapter would like to announce their nominated members for the 2014 Officer and Executive Council Member positions:

      President - Janie Snider, CPM, Griffin Partners 
      President Elect- Kristine Fox, CPM, Stream Realty Partners, AMO
      Treasurer- Laura Krupowicz, CPM, Brookfield
      Vice President of Education - Kris Powell, CPM, Stream Realty Partners, AMO
      Vice President of Legislative - Bill Goeke, CPM, Weingarten Realty
      VP of Membership - Matthew Townley, CPM, ARM, Townley Realty Co., AMO
      Vice President of Services - Susan Mazewski, CPM, BMS Management, Inc.
      Vice President of Communications - Chase Crawford, CPM, Stream Realty Partners, AMO 
      Vice President of Multifamily - Debbie DeRoche, CPM, Milestone Management, Inc. 
      Immediate Past President - Shawn Harvey, CPM, Griffin Partners

      All nominated leaders have served in numerous volunteer capacities over the years, including chapter committee chair positions. They are dedicated to the advancement of the Property Management industry and bring a wealth of professional experience and expertise to those nominated governance positions. Each nominated leader must now be confirmed by a majority vote of IREM Houston Members via an electronic vote taking place in September. Once elected, their new positions will take effect immediately following the November IREM Awards and Installation Luncheon. 

    • Houston Triad Best Practices

      The Houston High-Rise Triad is a partnership between Building Management, Fire Department and the Building Department created to develop and recommend a model High-Rise Life Safety Action Plan committed to the protection of life and property. This partnership utilizes talented people and resources in the private sectors enhancing communication and cooperation within the Fire Department, the Building Department and High-Rise Building Community. The Triad has worked with industry and stakeholders to resolve a common problem relating to the installation or modification of Sprinkler Systems in high rise Buildings. Click here for this helpful Best Practice Advisory.

    • Budget for IREM in 2014

      Budget for IREM

      Maximize your member benefits by taking advantage of events and resources. Members tell us that the IREM network, education and industry updates give them a competitive edge in their real estate career. Make sure you plan to remain a member and budget for informational activities and annual dues. Click here for a potential list of 2014 expenses. Not sure what the benefit to IREM Membership is? Click here for list. Need to convince an oner or boss of the value. Click here for important links and video testimonials.

    • Mark the Date - December 12

      IREM Holiday PartyWhat’s your flavor? Blackjack? Roulette? Craps? No matter how you play, you’ll find plenty of intrigue and fun at this party. Our networking committee has a wonderful final event planned for this year. On Thursday, December 12, join us for "A Night in Monte Carlo" at the IREM Holiday Party. The evening starts at 6:30 pm and features networking, open bar, tasty delights, a casino night and dancing. RSVP now by clicking here