• The knowledge gained through the IREM classes is transferable no matter which sector of business you work in. There is a standard that has been set and every professional has the opportunity to benefit from it.

    Ananesia Ware

    Stream Realty Partners

  • Networking in IREM has helped create a community of colleagues larger than I knew existed. Networking is a fun way to learn more about what your industry has to offer.

    Robert Tyler, CPM®

    Brookfield Properties

  • IREM relationships provide support, knowledge and friendship to develop a successful career in property management.

    Mary Butler Summy, CPM®

    Granite Properties

  • The knowledge from taking the CPM classes has made working in the commercial industry easier to problem solve, which is a daily activity for any property manager. 

    Shawn Harvey, CPM®

    Griffin Partners

  • IREM Houston Chapter No. 28

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    Houston, Texas 77057
    ph: 713-783-9225