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Here at IREM, we not only educate professionals, we build a networking community.

Must be a current IREM Member to volunteer on committees.
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I WANT TO SERVE ON A YEAR-ROUND TEAM (Regular Committee Assignment)
I PREFER SHORT-TERM ASSIGNMENTS (Brief task forces, small group or independent projects.)
I CAN DEDICATE A MEDIUM AMOUNT OF TIME (One-day hands-on activities or a partial year project.)
EDUCATION/PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Volunteers help coordinate and implement courses, professional development and seminars of interest to commercial property managers. Team also participates in the success of the Scholarship Program which awards funds to active members for IREM courses and conferences.
Outreach Volunteers help develop recruitment programs and events to attract a diverse range of new and returning professionals and real estate students.
Programs Volunteers secure timely and interesting speakers for a year of lunch or breakfast events at various locations.
Networking Volunteers 39-and-under develop and implement valuable networking opportunities for industry professionals.
Public Policy As a service to members, volunteers monitors and reports on legislative issues in state, county and city that affect property management.
Community Involvement Volunteers work to involve the chapter with various community service projects throughout the year.
Fashion Show Volunteers help develop the various aspects of our annual Fashion Show including securing sponsorships, coordinating outfit donations, and marketing the event.
Food Fest Volunteers organize a range of details involved in hosting this annual social cook off and fundraiser. Tasks include recruiting cooking teams, securing sponsorship, and brainstorming new ideas to keep the event fresh.
Awards Volunteers work together to choose a venue, theme, and other elements of the annual Awards Luncheon.
Golf Volunteers help develop the various aspects of our annual Golf Open including tournament aspects, securing sponsorships, coordination of the day’s program, and marketing the event.
Special Talents If you have special talents and expertise that you would like to share, please let us know: Presenting / Speaking
Graphic Design / Marketing
Technical / Audio / Visual Projects