Here at IREM, we not only educate professionals, we build a networking community.

Our community of real estate managers can help with your ongoing success. Houston may be one of the largest cities in the U.S., but the real estate industry is not that big. Career advancement still boils down to ‘who you know’ and ‘what you know.’ Therefore, you should align yourself with our community of proven leaders by joining IREM. There is a clear benefit to partnering with IREM for your career success. Whether you begin as an Associate Member or work your way to an IREM Credential, you’ll gain access to an elite group of individuals who value education, ethics and professionalism.


IREM Houston works to attract a diverse group of professionals. Regardless of your sector of real estate, level of expertise, age or area of town, IREM supports career growth through education, community service, networking and social opportunities. To access our calendar, Click here.

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It is a proven fact that active volunteers are the ones that are the happiest with their association affiliation. Because we are a volunteer-driven organization, we can greatly benefit from your involvement. Help improve your industry and reap more benefits of membership, all while enhancing your career.

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