• The knowledge from taking the CPM classes has made working in the commercial industry easier to problem solve, which is a daily activity for any property manager. 

    Shawn Harvey, CPM®

    Griffin Partners

  • IREM has helped me create a support network! Whenever an issue comes about that I'm unfamiliar with, I'm able to connect with my peers and mentors to develop an action plan.

    Blaire Moreland, CPM®

    Evergreen Commercial Realty

  • IREM relationships provide support, knowledge and friendship to develop a successful career in property management.

    Mary Butler Summy, CPM®

    Granite Properties

  • The best thing I have done for my career thus far was to get involved in IREM early.  In fact, I took my first IREM course before I got my first job in the industry.

    Chase Crawford, CPM®

    Stream Realty Partners